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Troubleshooting Virtual Machine compatibility issues on Hyper-V

Recently, i’ve encountered a situation where i was attempting to migrate some VMs from an existing Hyper-V host, to a new Hyper-V host, both managed by System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2016 [by the way the troubleshooting described applies even if the hosts are not SCVMM-managed] . The LiveMigration failed, and the GUI of the SCVMM was not very helpful, as it was returning me the following message:

“Error (10698) The virtual machine “VM_name” could not be live migrated to the virtual machine host “Destination_host_name” using this cluster configuration.”

In order to get more details on why this is happening, the following command can be used, in it’s standard format – please be aware you need to execute this from the Hyper-V host that is initially hosting the VM (the source host):

Compare-VM -name “VM_name” -DestinationHost “Destination_host_name”

If the results show as Incompatibilities : {} then it should all be good, and you can attempt your migration, however if you do have issues, they will be listed just as codes. In order to detail them, use the following set of commands:

$report = Compare-VM -name “VM_name” -DestinationHost “Destination_host_name”
$report.incompatibilities | FL

This will display details of the associated messageID, which should give you a good idea of what you need to look at / fix, before continuing.


Message : Virtual machine migration operation for “VM_name” failed at migration destination “Destination_host_name”.
(Virtual machine ID)
MessageId : 21026
Message : The virtual machine “VM_name” is using processor-specific features not supported on physical
computer “Destination_host_name”. To allow for migration of this virtual machine to physical computers with
different processors, modify the virtual machine settings to limit the processor features used by the
virtual machine. (Virtual machine ID)
MessageId : 24004
Source : VirtualMachine (Name = “VM_name”)

For more details and parameters to use, please have a look at

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