How to copy and paste Citrix vDisk properties

Hi everyone,
After some recent modifications done on the Citrix Provisioning Servers ,and needing to shift an entire environment to a completely new vDisk, I’ve found myself having to change the vDisk allocation for an entire Device Collection.

The simple way to do this, unless you want to click each device in the Device Collection one-by-one, is to go to the specific Device Collection, allocate the vDisk to only one of the devices, then right click and select Copy Device Properties. The following window should open:

Copy Device Properties

For me, only having to change the vDisk, i have selected Clear all, then ticked the box next to the vDisk assignment.

The next step is to select all the devices in the collection that you wish to change the property of, right click and select Paste. The following window opens, which shows what properties will be copied, and to what servers. Once you select Paste it will show Success or Fail next to each device, so you know what the progress is.

The Paste window

That is it! Of course, this can be done for all properties that are listed in the Copy Device Properties window and its very helpful when having to deal with large Device Collections. Hope this helps !

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