Boot Target Devices from a previous vDisk version

Having a colleague of ours troubleshooting an application issue on Citrix, he has asked if its possible to have one server (a target device), booted from a previous vDisk version.

That made me wonder, and try to find another solution, besides copying and import the older vDisk version as a new vDisk. Surely enough, the solution was right in front of me.

a) Opening the Citrix PVS Console, go to the vDisk in question, right click and select Versions
b) When the versions window appears, notice the setting above the versions list called Boot Production Devices from version:

Boot production devices from version

c) Select the version from which you want to boot the production target device, and you will see that on the right side of that version the word Override will appear

Warning! Please note that if you do this, and your production target devices reboot, they will use this version, instead of the latest available. This was done in my environment as a temporary measure for easy, quick, comparative troubleshooting.

For more details on the vDisk access modes and device types, please see the link :

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