Windows Server

Internet Printing Feature – Web-based Management for Print Servers

In order to provide your users with another method of connecting/adding printers from a print server in your environment, you can setup an easy-to-use web page.

To do this, you need to add the necessary roles.

Open the Server Manager
Start > Administrative Tools > Server Manager
Select Roles > Add Role > Next > Select Print and Document Servers and Web Server (IIS) > Next
With this role enabled you will be required to install the Internet Services Web Server as well (IIS). Once you have enabled this Role you will see in the IIS Manager, under Default Web Site, a site called Printers (see image below)

You will now be able to browse to the http://localhost/printers and view the list of available printers you have installed drivers for and shared using the web.
Also, if you do want these printers to be used by others, not just your domain users, you can go to the Printers Website, and on the right side select Authentication. This is where you need to enable Anonymous Authentication.

Printers website added in IIS

Using http://localhost/printers you will be able to see all printers installed on the Print Server, and clicking one of them will present a left-hand side menu with almost all the actions available from the Print Management Console, such as Properties, Printer Actions and Document Actions.

Printer Action Menu
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