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How to update DELL PowerEdge Servers firmware

I will have to admit to not knowing this! – Having a recent case open with DELL, i have discovered that if you want to update firmware for DELL PowerEdge Servers, instead of doing one update at a time, you can use a specially designed image to update everything on that server to the latest version.

To do that, all you need to do is follow the below steps:

a) Download the platform specific ISO from the Update Repository –

b) Use one of the following methods to boot from the downloaded image
– Use Rufus or any similar tool to create a bootable drive and attach it to the server via USB
– Use the Attach Virtual Media function if you have iDRAC 6,7, 8, 9 available
– Burn the ISO on DVD and insert it into the optical drive of the server

c) Make sure your server is set to boot from the media you are using

d) When booted, at the first screen, select the DELL DEPLOYMENT TOOLKIT

e) The firmware update will scan through your system and update whatever outdated components it will find

f) The DDT ISO will prompt you to press ENTER when it finishes, to reboot the server. Make sure you remove the media you have used

Word of warning though! Although recently i was able to use the DELL DEPLOYMENT TOOLKIT to update some of the PowerEdge servers i was working with, i have found that the ISO contained a previous version of BIOS, meaning there was a later one released. It could be that DELL packaged them based on feedback or stability, but it is also good to check if there are any other components available, using – .

Good luck and keep your servers up-to-date!

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