How to reallocate Citrix licenses

Hi everyone,
Recently we got notified that some of the Citrix licenses we use will soon expire and soon decided to renew and reallocate them, as a proactive measure.
The steps to achieve that are below:
1. Connect to the Citrix License Management Portal using your Citrix ID
2. Go to the Licensing Tool (new or legacy) and select reallocate – Select the relevant licenses and click on CONTINUE
3. On the next page ensure you select the desired number of licenses, the host type and host ID for which you will allocate the licenses
4. On the next step, confirm your details are correct, and click CONFIRM. You will be asked if you want to download your file, select YES, and you will download a .LIC file.

Confirmation for downloading the .LIC file

5. Copy the file on your Citrix Licensing server where the licensing software is installed. It should be DriveLetter:\CitrixLicensing\Licensing\MyFiles.
After that, go to your Licensing Administration Console (the one installed on your server), go to VENDOR DAEMON CONFIGURATION, and go to import license file. Import your newly downloaded file.

Importing .LIC file

6. Afterwards, make sure you restart all the Citrix services on the Citrix Licensing server, as below.

Restart the Citrix Licensing Services

7. Once you go to your Citrix License Administration Console, under Dashboard, you should be able to see your new licenses, with your new expiration dates, and the amount in use. Also, this can be seen in your Citrix Studio console, under Licensing. WARNING! The number of “currently used licenses” may not be up-to-date, but please allow for a few minutes for the number to get refreshed.

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