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SCVMM – CSV disk space small report

I was wondering yesterday, how can you get to see a full list of all the Cluster Shared Volumes in all the clusters, under a specific SCVMM Server 🙂 if you dont have SCOM Management integration.

The below should work:

$Clusters = Get-SCVMHostCluster -VMMServer VMM_ServerName
foreach ($Cluster in $Clusters)
$Cluster.SharedVolumes.GetEnumerator() | Select @{l=’ClusterName’;e={$Cluster.name}}, @{l=’VolumeName’;e={$_.Name}},@{l=’TotalSpace(GB)’;e={“{0:N2}”-f ($_.capacity/1gb)}},@{l=’Freespace(GB)’;e={“{0:N2}”-f ($_.freespace/1gb)}},@{l=’percentage(Available)’;e={“{0:N2}” -f ($_.freespace / ($_.Capacity/100))}} | FT

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