ESXi Commands – Storage Commands

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Last, but not least, of the commands we can use for troubleshooting, will be referencing storage management from an ESXi perspective.

To interact with this layer, and view a possible list of namespaces on the storage layer, type in:
esxcli storage [ will return a list of all the storage namespace components ]

On a basic 6.0 ESXi host, this will return the following output:
Usage: esxcli storage {cmd} [cmd options]
Available Namespaces:
core VMware core storage commands.
nfs Operations to create, manage, and remove Network Attached Storage filesystems.
nfs41 Operations to create, manage, and remove NFS v4.1 filesystems.
nmp VMware Native Multipath Plugin (NMP). This is the VMware default implementation of the Pluggable Storage Architecture.
san IO device management operations to the SAN devices on the system.
vflash virtual flash Management Operations on the system.
vmfs VMFS operations.
vvol Operations pertaining to Virtual Volumes
filesystem Operations pertaining to filesystems, also known as datastores, on the ESX host.
iofilter IOFilter related commands.

Let’s assume we work with NFS filesystems, and we want to explore that namespace. To do that, we will type in:
esxcli storage vmfs

This will , of course, return the command syntax, and the available namespaces:

Usage: esxcli storage nfs {cmd} [cmd options]
Available Namespaces:
param Operations on volume parameters of NAS filesystems.
Available Commands:
add Add a new NAS volume to the ESX Host and mount it with the given volume name.
list List the NAS volumes currently known to the ESX host.
remove Remove an existing NAS volume from the ESX host.

As you have probably got used to this by now, if we want to drill down in the namespace, we will use:
esxcli storage nfs list

This will return as output, the list of the NFS volumes, complete with details, that are attached to, and used by, the host.

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